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RE: Steve Ballmer is cracking up

Correct.  XML is just a syntax.  Schemas at
the next level lock in vocabularies.  Then
come the semantics of the process.  For .NET
to work, XML must work As Specified.  Even
if he has some illusion of poobahness, his
own code won't work interoperably without
that.  MS is just as much internally tied
to the spec (intramurally) as we are.

But that is the game we are all playing.

For me, today, the most important issue
is the functionality of MSXML 4.n because
the food chain starts there.  True for me,
and probably a few gazillion others.  Like
it or not, one of the most helpful things
one can do for XML In General right now
is test and proof that dll because a LOT
of schemas and semantics will be built
over it.  For example, all tests performed
so far says the current beta doesn't support
<unique>.  That's one.  Others?  We have to
find out because we are racing to build
schemas as fast as we can.  Schemas are
the worms that make the spice and as the
Guilder said:

"The spice must flow."


Ekam sat.h, Vipraah bahudhaa vadanti.
Daamyata. Datta. Dayadhvam.h

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From: Sean McGrath [mailto:sean.mcgrath@propylon.com]

I used to think that big guys would play embrace and extend with
their XML parsers but this was very stupid of me. The only game in
town is to fall over yourself in your efforts to conform to the
W3C standards because a) the real money is further up the food
chain and b) beaming about your standards compliance deflects
attention from where the real action is.

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