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Hi Sweta,

You have asked:- Can you please send me those features
which are not beening included in XML which are there for SGML??

Following are some of them:-
The following constructs which are permitted in SGML when SHORTTAG is YES
are not allowed in XML:
     Unclosed start-tags
     Unclosed end-tags
     Empty start-tags
     Empty end-tags
     Attribute values in attribute specifications entered directly rather
     than as literals
     Attribute specifications that omit the attribute name

NET delimiters can be used only to close an empty element. In SGML without
the Web SGML Adaptations Annex, the NET delimiter is declared as />. With
this approach, XML is not allowing null end-tags and is allowing
net-enabling start-tags only for elements with no end-tag. In SGML with the
Web SGML Adaptations Annex, there is a separate NESTC (net-enabling start
tag close) delimiter. This allows the XML <e/> syntax to be handled as a
combination of a net-enabling start-tag <e/ and a null end-tag >. With this
approach, XML is allowing a net-enabling start-tag only when immediately
followed by a null end-tag.

For more details see:-  http://www.w3.org/TR/NOTE-sgml-xml

Please correct me if i have not interpreted u'r question properly.


Reema Duggal