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RE: [ANN] Topologi Schematron Validator - free Windows tool doesSchematron+XML Schemas

> From: Thomas B. Passin [mailto:tpassin@home.com]
>  Very intriguing, Rick, but I see you have to install msxml4. 
>  Please tell
> me how to do that without stepping on my msxml3 installation, 
> since I still
> want to to work with Internet Explorer.  Do they 
> automatically coexist, or
> what?

MSXML4 installs in "side-by-side" mode. From the docs:

The Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 4.0 Technology Preview is installed on your
computer in side-by-side mode. This mode protects the quality of
applications that currently use the msxml.dll, msxml2.dll, or msxml3.dll
files. Side-by-side mode also allows you to decide which version of the
parser to use in your code. When you install the MSXML 4.0 Technology
Preview from the Microsoft XML Download Center, the setup program downloads
three files, msxml4.dll, msxml4a.dll, and msxml4r.dll, onto your computer
and registers the msxml4.dll file in the computer's registry.