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Schemas in W3C working drafts

Now that XML-Schema is a W3C recommendation, many people will be trying to
learn how to use schemas (or schemata). With that in mind, it is
disappointing to see errors in their use in W3C working drafts. For example
XML Syntax for XQuery 1.0 (7 June 2001) contains a schema which uses the
'attribute' complex type with an illegal 'value' attribute:-

<xsd:attribute name = "order" use = "default" value = "ASCENDING">

Also XForms (8 June 2001), while having a valid (as far as I can tell)
schema defines the 'item' element as type 'string'. Yet its first example
has the line

<item value="cash">Cash</item>

So could the XQuery working group donate its spare 'value' attributes to the
XForms committee? :-)

I understand that W3C working drafts are just drafts, and it is
"inappropriate to cite them as other than 'work in progress' ". However
since there are not yet many examples of XML schemas around, could there be
a little more effort to ensure correctness? Running a schema through a
validator and checking that the first two examples in any specification are
schema-valid prior to publishing would be helpful.