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Re: Against the Grain: Pascal commentary about XML and databases

[Jeff Lowery]

(This is getting off-topic, perhaps)

"Topness" would be evaluated by some calculation, then inserted into the
view in its own column.  The query (yes, a real relational)  uses the view
and has a where statement that includes

where topness<=5.

It's perfectly good relational-hood-ness.

There, I'm done with this!


Tom P

> A former colleague of mine informed me that SQL Server (at least) supports
> "TOP n" join, but I still would argue that it's not a fundamentally
> *relational* query.
> I must end now, it's time for my lunch...
> > Bah! Pfui! (I've been reading Nero Wolfe stories again, don't
> > mind me).
> > Create a view to get the top five, then use that view to roll
> > them up in a
> > query.
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Tom P
> >