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Re: xml question regarding document comparing

On 02 Jul 2001 13:07:42 -0700, S.Watts wrote:
> I have 3 documents from different companies which are their versions
> of a legal document or rule.  I also have this official rule from a
> governing body which needs to reflect the changes each company has put
> forward.  I would like to turn each version into a xml document so I
> can realize the differences each version has from the official rule. 
> So I would like to create a master xml and compare it with one of the
> versions.  After the two are compared the master xml needs to contain
> the changes that were made.  I would like to create something that
> would accomplish this rather than purchase something that would do
> this for me.  I would appreciate any help you could offer that would
> help me accomplish this, thanks.

Kip Hampton has written a very cool module for Perl called
XML::SemanticDiff. It can present XML file differences as either XPath's
to the differing nodes, or as SAX-like events to a callback object. It
might help, if your skills are in Perl...