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RE: XPath implementation

Yeah, you're right.

There is a current W3C initiative to define an XPath implementation on
http://www.w3.org/TR/2001/WD-DOM-Level-3-XPath-20010618/ but AFAIK there is
no implementation yet.

What I did to work around this problem is a generic wrapping interface for
XPath expressions, and implementations that use the Xalan XPath engine,
Caucho's implementation (excellent, see www.caucho.com), or any future


>-----Message d'origine-----
>De : Dimiter Naydenov [mailto:bluelight@omega.bg]
>Envoye : jeudi 5 juillet 2001 13:49
>A : xml-dev
>Objet : XPath implementation
>After some reading and research, a could not find a XPath 
>implementation in
>W3C's XML DOM. It is used only as part of the XSLT-processor. 
>So this means
>that there is no function or interface-method that is in the XML DOM to
>parse XPath and return the node. Am I right ? If so, maybe I 
>will have to
>write a XPath parser myself or use one if available.
>Because the project I'm working on is going to be platform 
>independant, I
>wanted to use something standard as XML DOM interface-method. 
>Can anyone
>recommend a XPath parser with such capabilities (to work on 
>Win32, nix*-es,
>etc.) ?
>Dimiter Naydenov
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