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Re: SAX LexicalHandler::comment issue

> > I'd rather discourage folk from using comments in applications,
> > actually ... :)  So far as I know, the primary use case for reporting
> > comments is to support DOM bells'n'whistles.  And W3C is,
> > finally, looking at ways to disable such noise there.
> I hope you're right, but what's the evidence for your assertion that the W3C
> is looking at ways to "disable such noise"?  There are "comment information
> items" in the latest InfoSet draft ...


Setting the feature named "comments" to 'false" discards them.

Unfortunately the defaults are to create all the noise nodes:  comments,
cdata, ignorable whitespace, and entity refs all have annoying default
settings (including those node types, rather than discard them).

- Dave