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Re: Validating against a Schema

Richard Featherstone wrote:
> Could someone either tell me how or point me in the right direction to
> find out how to validate an XML doc against a Schema using Java.  I can
> parse without validating but don't know
> a) how the parser can decide what Schema is being used from the XML doc
> and where to locate it

First thing, you need to use a XML parser that supports W3C XML Schema
such as Xerces-J [1] (1.4.1 or above) .

Then, the parser will have 3 ways to locate the schema to use.

1) Parsers are required to provide an implementation specific way to
define the schema locations as parameters.

Xerces-J does this through the                
http://apache.org/xml/properties/schema/external-schemaLocation and

2) Using the xsi:schemaLocation and xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation
attributes in the instance document.

3) Trying to dereference the URI associated with the namespace to see if
there is a schema at this location.
> b) how to configure the parser to validate the doc against the schema

Using the "isValidating" method.
> I apologise if this is the wrong place to ask a question like this but
> I've spent days looking everywhere for the answer.

You should have asked before ;=)

Hope this helps.


[1] http://xml.apache.org/xerces-j/index.html

> thanks in advance
> Richard
See you at XTech in San Diego.
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