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FYI - XML & DTD/XML & RDF articles

Decoding XML and the DTD
This introductory article shows how to create XML Document Type Definitions
(DTDs) and well-formed, well-defined XML files that can be validated by the
XML parser of your choice. While you don't have to include a DTD with every
XML file you produce, doing so will make your life a lot easier. Not only
will a DTD enforce the syntax you've established for your XML files, it
will also allow your files to be parsed by a validating XML parser. Code
samples include DTD and XML document examples.

Basic XML and RDF techniques for knowledge management
Columnist Uche Ogbuji begins his practical exploration of knowledge
management with XML by illustrating techniques for populating Resource
Description Framework (RDF) models with data from existing XML formats. As
shown in the three code listings, RDF can be used as a companion to
customized XML, not just as a canonical representation for certain types of
data. This column, with code samples included, demonstrates how easy it can
be to jump-start knowledge management with RDF even relatively late in the
development game.

XML sessions at Solutions 2001
XML experts Doug Tidwell and Arthur Ryman will lead hands-on technical
sessions at Solutions, The IBM Technical Developer Conference -- August
13-16, San Francisco, CA, at the Moscone Center.  There will be 372 hours
of sessions, including several on XML, SOAP, Web services, and more.  To
read more or register for this event, visit: