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Re: constraints - odd question

Sounds like a job for Schematron-man!  Which fits right in with Ken Holman's
post about using xslt to verify the constraints.


Tom P

[Simon St.Laurent]

> Suppose I want to create a preferences or properties file where the
> names of the elements correspond to the names of the properties
> involved.  I'm not concerned with validation in the sense that certain
> elements (it's all elements) must be present in a certain order, but
> there may be a different kind of validation needed.
> I want to make certain that no elements have the same names as their
> siblings.  Duplication of a property name will lead to overwriting, and
> they want a simple way to warn readers that the duplication has occurred
> before loading the properties file into their particular environment.
> This isn't hard to do in Java, but Java isn't a natural or easy answer
> for widespread distribution to newbies.  I'm looking for something more
> like a DTD - an XSLT style sheet might be acceptable.
> Any thoughts?  Attributes come by this property somewhat naturally, but
> this case is about nested structures.