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ANN: New Visual XSL design tool - Xfinity Designer

After an extremely successful beta, B-Bop is pleased to announce the
release of Xfinity(tm) Designer version 1.5, a visual development tool for
XSL stylesheet
developers. Thanks to all who participated in the beta and for the excellent

Xfinity Designer is a fully visual XSL Stylesheet development tool for
developers to quickly and easily generate XSL stylesheets without becoming
experts at XSL and XPATH syntax.

Features include:

- Source, Design Pad, Stylesheet and Result panes to give you full control
- Automatically generates XSL rules in response to intuitive point and click
commands ensuring the right syntax
- Integrated XML parser and XSL processor to instantly see output of the
- Automatically generates XPATH expressions
- Supports mixed content elements
- Support for Apply / Match Template and Conditionals
- Allows direct editing of generated XSL files to add your own code
- Text or Tree views
- Includes built-in HTML viewer
- Runs on Windows NT and Windows 2000 with JDK 1.3

For more information and to request a FREE TRIAL version, please visit:



www.b-bop.com <http://www.b-bop.com>
sanjay@b-bop.com <mailto:sanjay@b-bop.com>