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Re: Presumption of XML's Stability (was RE: XML Blueberry (non-ASCIInamecharacters in Japan))

> > XML was specifically designed to be stable on the
> > order of thousands of years.
> I would be very interested to hear the views of the 
> members of the original XML WG as to the truth of 
> this assertion.

Here's what Tim Bray said on this list on April 4, 2001:

"In the closing days of getting XML 1.0 out the door, a 
lot of *reasonable* requests for enhancements were, in 
good software engineering style, kiboshed as being "for 
1.1".  Once 1.0 got out the door, everyone developed a 
strong case of (healthy IMHO) paranoia about screwing 
with the thing, and personally I'd be astounded to see 
anyone take on XML 1.1 in my lifetime; the cost is very high and the
need doesn't seem that great..." 

(Hope it's okay to quote you Tim.)  /Roger