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Re: XML Blueberry (non-ASCII name characters in Japan)

Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:

 > A different decision was made for name characters. There it was
 > decided that these would be based on Unicode 2.0, and that code
 > points which might be assigned in the future would not be allowed
 > as name characters.

I think that was the *effect* of the decision, but not actually
the decision itself.

 > I'm not sure that decision was right, but I
 > don't think a convincing argument for revisiting it now has been
 > made yet.

Please tell me what kind of argument you would find convincing.

 > Even if
 > Unicode did something as radical as shuffling the code points for
 > the different characters, that wouldn't mean that XML had to
 > change.

Which Unicode would never do.

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