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RE: The Blueberry Debates...

I apologize for any of my ignorance here...  but I have one question, and one idea..

((This is really for those people who feel like it, indeed, does...))
How exactly does "Blueberry" break the XML 1.0 specification?  (specifics... what would break, what would work poorly...)


I already have a feeling I know the reply to this, but couldn't an XML-Blueberry document once written in ancient hieroglyphs be pre-processed into something that XML 1.0 parsers/processors could understand machine-wise, but that might not be as readily understandable by humans? 

Something such as 

#DEFINE {The upside-down, backwards symbol for androgyny} =  [target XML 1.0 rep here:"Prince"]

And then 1.0 parsers could convert the document to something that they can process?

if (xml_version.equals("1.0")){do_that_thing();}
if (xml_version.equals("Blueberry")) {preprocess(); do_that_thing();}

Or maybe not, I am just not clear on how the existing specification would be absolutely broken... but if so, shouldn't there be some way for a community (let's say Bhurmese, or whatever) to have an associated, open-sourced, free-to-use,  MyCollectionOfLinguisticSymbols-TO-XML 'style-sheet' or 'pre-processor directive'?

David Scott Williams