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Re: OS other than Win

[S. Jyotinarayan]

> what i'm trying to do is to get the example in the attachment to work on
> Operating Systems other than Windows (specifically Macintosh, with
> client-side xml parsing).
> please do guide me so that this code could be modified to work on atleast
> Mac.

It doesn't even work on a PC, at least not mine (Win 98, IE5.5, msxml3 in
replace mode).  It throws a scripting error in the 2nd line of changeVal() -
no object.

I'd also advise you to get into the habit of always putting your input
elements inside a form.  They won't work on less tolerant browsers (like
Netscape).  I know this particular code is IE-only, but it's better to stick
to good practices so you don't get bitten by it somewhere else.

Tom P