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Re: SAX2 ... missing features?

> From: "Michael Brennan" <Michael_Brennan@allegis.com>
> It would be nice to see a standardized interface for supplying an object
> responsible for locating resources associated with a namespace. This is
> badly needed for parsers that support schema validation. 

To me that seems like it should be part of a "schema validator" support
module.  There are probably other things that would go there, like a
system property exposing whether schema validation gets done.

> I'd like to see a standard SAX extension for a resource resolver. It could
> perhaps take some cues from RDDL -- i.e. allow the parser to ask for
> resources related to a namespace URI based on a nature, purpose, or both.
> I'd really, really like to see parsers supporting a portable, scalable API
> for this sort of thing.

Could you explain how a parser -- versus a schema validator -- would
use such a facility?  Maybe I'm being dense, but I don't see why a schema
validator should be built into a parser rather than cleanly layered ... it seems
like a natural to implement as some sort of event stream filter.

Unlike a DTD validation filter, a schema validation filter ought to be very
doable using the standard events that flow through an XmlFilterImpl.  Would
some open source project to develop such a filter suit your desire?

- Dave