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RE: xerces: features and properties

On a related note to this thread I am using Xerces 1.4.1 and have a problem
with default attributes set defined in my DTD

<!ATTLIST contrived attest (simple|complex) "simple">

It seems that that the XML spec. allows attributes to be #REQUIRED, #IMPLIED
or a default value to be set.

What I am trying to achieve is for the attribute attest to be always written
to the output XML file on save (regardless of whether or not it has the
default value).

What I am experiencing is:
- if the attest attribute is set to "simple" Xerces does not write it to
file on serialization and output
- if the attest attribute is set to "complex" (ie anything other than the
default) Xerces does write the attribute to file

The output produced in both cases is valid and the attribute values are
always available.

Does anyone know how I can force Xerces to write out these types of

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From: Richard Featherstone [mailto:R.Featherstone@uea.ac.uk]
Sent: Wednesday, 11 July 2001 19:15
To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Subject: xerces: features and properties

Can someone point me in the direction of somewhere listing all the
properties and features that can be set on xerces parsers and descriptions
of what they all do.

i'm trying to find out about validation/schema and



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