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RE: Just a Little Explanaton for Veering (RE: Blueberry/Unicode/ XML)

Len 'Zen-tech master' wrote:

>3.  A statement however bizarre that English is to be preferred.
>This shows up in other emails from other authors and it shows
>up in state courts as part of citizenry requirements, so it
>is not as *alien* as one might think.  It is bigotry of course.

As one of 'other authors', I support Len's less bizarre than usual statement
that English is preferred [for element and attribute names].  If you are a
software engineer who uses any one of the popular programming languages, you
are already preferring English over other languages.  Politically correct or
not, I18N efforts often result in alienation and fragmentation as well as
patronizing.  I fear the day when some well-intended company releases
internationalized versions of DTDs.


Don Park