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Re: Blueberry/Unicode/XML

HUGHES,MARK (Non-HP-FtCollins,ex1) scripsit:

>   By the way, someone brought up the case of Klingon, which didn't get
> its own Unicode script because it has a Latin equivalent...  

Not quite: rather because in-language writing uniformly uses the Latin
script -- it is official.

> But the
> apostrophe is an essential character in Klingon, so you can't currently
> write Klingon XML markup.  Given that there are more Klingon users and
> programmers than some of the omitted scripts (there's even a Klingon
> programming language, var'aq), this is obviously a dire flaw in XML.


John Cowan                                   cowan@ccil.org
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	--Douglas Hofstadter