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Re: participating communities (was XML Blueberry)


I'm going to have to ask you to give us some clues on your proposition.

Is this more or less the way to do it?

We develop our own markup language, say, "JEKML" (Japaniizu Enchou Kanou
Maaku-appu Lengeeji, eh, Elliot?). We keep it parallel to XML, to keep
things simple (especially when we need to export documents), we include
charset declarations that allow us to use JIS or whatever encodings, and we
set up our own character classification tables, a table for each encoding,
so we can allow what we want for names. And we write the parsers, etc.,
ourselves, probably borrowing liberally from the existing open sourced
parsers. And, of course, somewhere along the line we write the definition in
SGML, just to check it.

And any document that needs to be published to the rest of the world will
need to include a table of name translations. We still aren't confident of
the UNICODE to JIS translation tables, but that should be a problem we can
live with, since we only have to deal with UNICODE in the international
arena. This kind of thing should even help with debugging UNICODE.

Those character classification tables are rather large. Even generating them
mechanically takes several days (a week maybe?) of hand checks. But that's
not really much to pay, if we can pull the rest of it off.

Joel Rees
programmer -- rees@mediafusion.co.jp
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Bullard, Claude L (Len) 曰く:

> Thanks.  If I reload SoftQuad Author/Editor and load
> the right declaration, I should be able to use the
> XML software too.  Nice how that works.
> SGML is still there in case given decisions such as "we don't
> want these characters in XML because given the business
> case, we don't need them", those who do need them can.