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RE: SAX2 ... missing features?

Maybe I should read the license. :-) Is "GPL-with-library-exception" the
same as LGPL? The key thing for me is that since I work on commercial
software, I need a license that permits me to integrate it with a "larger
body of work" without the larger work having to use the same licensing
terms. If "GPL-with-library-exception" permits that, than I can probably use
it. We are currently using software covered by the Mozilla and Sun Public
Licenses, for instance, without any issues.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Brownell [mailto:david-b@pacbell.net]
> Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2001 5:28 PM
> To: Michael Brennan
> Cc: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
> Subject: Re: SAX2 ... missing features?
> Ah, well lots of us are quite happy with things that are simpler
> than W3C's schemas, but we don't need to start that again!
> I must say I'm perplexed by folk who are happy using proprietary
> libraries (binary), but won't use "GPL-with-library-exception".
> GPL has fewer restrictions:  never a viral NDA to worry about,
> never any contamination of your apps just from using the library.
> So far as I know, no vendor other than Microsoft has found any
> problem using, for example, the GNU C library with proprietary
> closed-source applications.  Every vendor shipping apps on
> Linux does exactly that.  IBM and Oracle are just some of the
> better known names; neither has gives away their core IP when
> they link against GNU Libc.
> - Dave