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RE: Two different sets of experiences about non-English identifiers

At 02:45 13-07-2001, Peter Jacobi wrote:
>Hi Don, All,
> >  A Korean bank, which decided two years ago to use native tag
> > names companywide, now has to merge with an American bank, some heads will
> > roll when the CEO is faced with the bill.

I missed the original post, which I assume from Peter's intro was from Don 

If the Korean bank is using a standard financial document type, then the 
element type names should be standard.  No problem.

If the Korean bank is using a standard financial document type but with 
localized element type names, then the transformation is trivial.  No problem.

If the Korean bank made up their own document type and needs to merge this 
information with the American bank's information, then this is going to be 
a pain in the neck *regardless* of the element type names - serious 
analysis is needed to determine the mapping between the structures.

In this case, the language of the markup is irrelevant.

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