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RE: Well-formed Blueberry

Elliotte Rusty Harold suggested:

> I still haven't been convinced of the need for Blueberry,
> but I do want to propose something in the event this goes
> through:
> I think there's a way to limit the damage this does to the
> existing infrastructure. Whatever the eventual identifier is
> chosen for Blueberry (version="1.1", unicode="3.1", etc.)
> I think it should be a *fatal error* to use this identifier in
> a document that does not actually use any of the newly
> introduced characters in an XML name somewhere.
> In other words, if a document can be an XML 1.0 document,
> it must be an XML 1.0 document.
> This would prevent the vast majority of users who are never
> going to use or even think about Khmer, Amharic, the extra
> Japanese characters, etc. from pointlessly generating
> incompatible documents just because "it's the latest version."

How do you propose to do this without burdening parsers with a huge wall

And why? Is the Blueberry proposal liable to make a directional branch in
the development of XML that you think is undesirable, or perhaps too early?


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