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Re: SAX2 ... missing features?

> * DTDInputSource
> An application can set this property to provide a DTD.  This will override
> the document's DTD (if it exists) but, more importantly, will create one if
> it doesn't.
> Currently applications can use an EntityResolver to achieve this, but only
> when the input document references an external DTD.  This will allow
> applications to inject a DTD regardless.

This one is interesting because it clearly can't be layered:  swapping DTDs
means changing entity and attribute declarations, which affect the view of
content produced by parsing the body.

Though I don't think "InputSource" is the right model, since it doesn't
support use of internal subsets ... used for many parameterized or
modularized DTDs.  One really wants the three components of a
DTD:  root name decl, "external subset" system ID (and maybe public
ID), and internal subset.

- Dave