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Need info on XML Schemas

hi guys !
    I need some information regarding parsing of xml schemas .
    In my application i need a java handle to create , manipulate and interpret  .xsd Schema files.
    As a part of my application(a Swing Tool)  i need to store a Property  created by a user. 
    A Property is a name value pair which is of a specified  type  (String ,Integer etc) and the
    values it can take can be constrained.      
    Relations among instances of the same property and different properties is also possible.
   so whenever a user creates a new property i want to create a new .xsd file which
   will represent  the property .
   The reasons doing so being:   
    i) the property type and the constraints can together be defined using a complex type of schemas.
    ii) one Property containing the other property  can also be represented  using a schema.
    my question is , is my approach towards using a .xsd file not just for validation but somthing else correct? 
    and are there any existing parsers so that i dont have to reinvent the wheel.
-Harish Dontineni