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[ANN] Idoox releases framework for accessing SOAP Web Services fromJavaScript

Idoox has released the first beta of their SOAP JavaScript Client that enables the scripting of Web Services using JavaScript. The JavaScript Client package is a part of Idoox's WASP (Web Applications and Services Platform). It can be downloaded for free through the Idoox Early Access Program at http://www.idoox.com/eap/jsstack/index.html

Main features:
* SOAP 1.1 and WSDL 1.1 support.
* Automated JavaScript, HTML and XML/XSL code generation from WSDL.
* Easy customization of generated code through XSL stylesheets.
* Reasonable subset of XML Schema support and Namespaces.
* SOAP message tracking 
The Idoox JavaScript Client currently supports MS IE 5.x and higher with MSXML 3.0 installed. Idoox is working on support for Mozilla browsers and standalone JavaScript engines (Rhino).
Zdenek Svoboda
e-mail:  zdenek@idoox.com