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My summary of the XML names threads

These are my opinions.  I certainly
did learn a lot by reading all those
emails.  Feel free to flame me
but I'm just providing my input back
to the silent gods up there on high
somewhere who make the


Should there be a translation table of
names?  e.g., the Japanese name 
of an element translated to english.
Sounds like a nice to have but
requiring tools to support the table
would make tools even harder
to write, and they would be fatter
and slower.  I don't need it and 
therefore I don't want it to negatively affect
the performance of the tools I


Names should support all characters
in the document's encoding, minus
some reserved characters such
as <, >, =, &, : and quotes.  Feel
free to reserve more punctuation
for future use, within reason.  Yes,
you should be able to name an
element or an attribute using a
Chinese character.  We should be
able to put Chinese in element text
so why not in names.


This is the XML-dev list, not
the SGML-dev list.  The vast majority
of us, although not as vocal, 
won't go back to SGML, even
if it solves every last encoding issue,
bakes bread, and makes a mean martini.