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Re: Father of XML?

Michael Fitzgerald <mike@wyeast.net> writes:

> I got flyer in the mail from SYS-CON. On the cover, it claims that Charles
> Goldfarb is the "father of XML." With all due respect to Mr. Goldfarb, I
> read last year that Jon Bosak was bequethed that title. Who gets the title?
> Is that a fair question or should I head for cover now?

Maybe Charles Goldfarb is the "godfather" of XML. Then Jon Bosak is Al
Pacino, James Clark is Robert Duvall and/or Francis Ford Coppola,
Eliot Kimber is James Caan, Tim Bray is Robert De Niro, Rick Jelliffe
is Harvey Keitel ("Sport" from Taxi Driver, Mr. Wolf from Pulp