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RE: Java/Unicode brain damage

I imagine that the current generation of parsers would have to be (in the cases where necessary) using some type of custom class for this, no?

It doesn't seem like something that would be all too difficult to write, if I were a team of Sun programmers...

As I see it, the characters in question are 2-wide...  perhaps...

-pseudo code follows-

private String uc;

private uChar(String c)
uc = c;

public static uChar uni(int escape)
 switch (escape)
 /*yeah, this would be a pain in the ass, but if you hard-coded this here, you could create said unicode string*/
 case 1230
	return new uChar("...");


Or no?

David Scott Williams

-----Original Message-----
From: Duane Nickull [mailto:duane@xmlglobal.com]
Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2001 8:55 AM
To: James Clark
Cc: Elliotte Rusty Harold; xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Subject: Re: Java/Unicode brain damage

James Clark wrote:

> doesn't work too well once you have letters outside the BMP. The JDK 
> ought to have a class representing a Unicode character (scalar value).
> Unfortunately .NET (System.Char) has the same problem.

Is anyone aware of Sun or MS working on classes to rectify this?

BTW - there is a bit of reading on this subject at:


Duane Nickull
XML Global Technologies, Inc.

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