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RE: Java/Unicode brain damage

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001, Miles Sabin wrote:

> I wrote,
> > Duane Nickull wrote,
> > > Is anyone aware of Sun or MS working on classes to rectify this?
> >
> > Umm ... _yes_, as I said before.
> I'll try reading the question next time. I'm not aware of anyone at
> Sun working on classes directly representing Unicode characters
> rather than UTF-16 units.

I'm being dense today. When you say 'UTF-16 units' do you mean that in
Java a single character in the surrogate ranges may consist of (correctly
IMHO) a _complete_ 32-bit surrogate pair or (dain bramagedly) of the
individual 'halfs' of the pair (thus making a single character into two
individual 'units' of 16-bits each)? If the latter, the Java's handling of
Unicode is broken-as-designed and must be fixed (most likely via
deprecation of the existing String in favor of a completely new string
type for the sake of backwards compatibility with already deployed apps).

Benjamin Franz

  Programs must be written for people to read, and only 
  incidentally for machines to execute.
                             ---Abelson and Sussman