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Re: quick XPath question: finding /a/b/c with a default namespace

> (Strictly speaking maybe
> XPath questions should be sent to the XSL mail list?)

(probably, and this answer will be in the FAQ for that list)

> Should the path ..find the <c> element?

No. For the reason you give, the default namespace is not used in the
Xpath. But you misunderstand the meaning of

> <a xmlns="dummyNamespace">

> So the default namespace is not used and none of the QNames in the document
> or the path have namespace prefixes, so the namespace URI is null for all
> the QNames.

whether or not a prefix is used has no effect on the namepace URI.
The namespace URI on all of the elements a  b  and c in your example is
dummyNamespace, so the Xpath you require is


where x: is the prefix assigned to the namepace URI dummyNamespace in
the stylesheet.


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