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Broken mailer or broken record?

> Subject: Re: XML referencing (was Re: Blueberry is not "closed")
> From: Tim Bray <tbray@textuality.com>
> To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
> Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 13:59:11 -0700
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> At 01:10 PM 25/07/01 +0900, Joel Rees wrote:
> >Tim Bray further elucidated:
> >
> >[snipped]
> >
> >> On the other hand, if they do something like
> Is it just me, or is everyone else getting one copy of
> this particular note every day?  Joel, is it maybe
> your mailer?  -Tim

MS OE -- could be.

Is this a hint that I'm being a broken record?

(And here I've been going to SUCH great pains to reduce my posts and only
post new information. ;-)

Okay, I'll _try_ to avoid continuing this thread until I can get a solid
of information on the characters Makoto Murata posted some time back.
I'm thinking of using the following format (I should write a DTD for this?):

<!-- Using element instead of property where multiples might occur. -->
<character unicode-codepoint="">
    <reference-codepoint encoding=""></reference-codepoint>
    <!-- ergo, reference encoding was JIS, Big 5, etc. -->
    <reading level-of-need="" needed-as-xml-name="">
        <field-of-use estimated-population-size=""></field-of-use>

(Something like a hundred characters from Mr. Murata's lists.  My
visit to the library this past weekend was unfruitful. I wonder if anyone
knows a student who wants a good research project?)

Joel Rees