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[MSXML3] using file upload via XMLHTTP

I have an interesting problem.

We're building an IE5.x based UI that needs to upload images to our server
(among other things). Typically one would use the file upload element to do
this. However, we want to use XMLHTTP as the only route by which data is
transfered between the browser and the server. How would one do the file
upload? The server side code we have done many times. Its just the client
code that has us worried.

My first thought is to do the following:
function uploadImage(){
	objXMLHTTP.open("POST", "http://someurl/uploadimg.asp", False);
but the common wisdom around here is that it won't work. The code came out
of my head so I may have some syntax errors in there somewhere but its the
idea of sending the request passing the form object that I'm interested in.

Any other ideas would be appreciated. 

Adam van den Hoven
Internet Software Developer
Blue Zone
tel. 604 685 4310 ext. 260
fax 604 685 4391

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