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RE: Request: Techniques for reducing the size of XML instances

>From: Paul Cody Johnston [mailto:pcj@stanford.edu]
>However, I do think binary XML has promise in line with the notion of
>"compiled data", especially as it relates to validation.  It's natural
>for me to imagine a sort-of "expendable" or "temporary" pre-validated

  That's an excellent point - passing around a tokenized form of an XML
document to simplify parsing is a reasonable idea.  Personally, I'd just
use the Pyxie format <http://www.pyxie.org/>, as it's *VERY* easy to
produce and to parse again, and has the tremendous advantage of still
being plain-text, so it's easy to debug and test.

-- <a href="http://kuoi.asui.uidaho.edu/~kamikaze/"> Mark Hughes </a>