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Re: Request: Techniques for reducing the size of XML instances

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001, Paul Cody Johnston wrote:

> However, I do think binary XML has promise in line with the notion of
> "compiled data", especially as it relates to validation.  It's natural
> for me to imagine a sort-of "expendable" or "temporary" pre-validated
> binary rendering that can be ripped from the "master" XML document and
> used as a cached or internal format for certain applications.  Seems
> like that would be a useful tool for application builders that
> warrants general research.  Not currently popular though!

I'd probably use a DOM tree and keep it in shared memory :-)

> Many people seem to have a visceral (irrational?) opposition to the
> very thought of binary XML.

Yeah... it's scary...

> Just my two cents,
> Paul


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