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IMPORTANT: Bug fixes for java generator


could everybody, until further notice, stick to the
following rule: Every bug that is fixed and every feature
that is added to package de.shinka.xdk.javagenerator must
be also applied to package de.shinka.xdk.javawsdlgenerator.

In cases where this doesn't seem to be applicable (e.g. because
the corresponding file doesn't exist in the wsdl package), 
please ask me. 



Stefan Havenstein        Chief Architect
Shinka Technologies AG   http://www.shinkatech.com
Tempelhofer Ufer 8/9     D-10963 Berlin
Tel.: 030 25 93 67-0     0178 21 23 6 21
Shinka Integration Server - the first complete Web Services 
Integration Platform:
* WSDL/SOAP/UDDI on Java/C++/VB/COBOL, Windows/Unix/OS390
* Complete Platform: Design, Deployment, Monitoring, Logging, QoS

Visit http://www.shinkatech.com/ for more!