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Re: [OT] Announcements (was RE: XMLLight - What do you think?)

8/2/01 5:34:05 AM, Leigh Dodds <ldodds@ingenta.com> wrote:

>Willful cross-posting always causes problems. However announcements 
>on XML-DEV are not a problem, so long as they include a sufficient 
>level of detail. Peter Murray Rust had the following to say on the 
>"Please can announcements of commercial software include enough 
>metadata (but not too much) to enable XML-DEVers to judge whether the 
>link is worth exploring." [1]
>"The primary criteria is that any announcements
>(software/conferences/jobs/books etc.) be of general interest to the
>XML-DEV community." [2]

It's worth noting that the announcements that seem to raise hackles here are the ones that read like 
sales pitches rather than information.  Announcements here should read as if the primary audience 
were developers, not investors, and should contain little or no marketese or managementese.  They 
should be long on substance and short on hype.