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RE: Book that covers namespace issues?

That would be great. But personally, I'd like to see it have some
development participation or sanctioning from the W3C. For one thing, they
started it. :-) Also, we've seen some of the brightest minds in the field
repeatedly debate many sides of these issues, without firm resolution of
most of them. Normally, I'd just go read the spec for myself. But given the
viewpoints expressed thus far, I wouldn't trust my own interpretation of
this one. We need some official answers.

Michael A. Rossi
Computer Sciences Corporation
856-983-4400 x4911

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> Sent: 01 August 2001 20:17
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> Subject: Re: Book that covers namespace issues?
> Not that I don't think Simon would do a wonderful job :-), but I don't
> think I'd trust an individual author's interpretation of these issues...

Sounds like a desire to thrash out a 'Namespaces Best Practices' guide
to me...