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[ANN]: /refind.xml (classification infrastructure)

The semantic web will never happen until all members of society
participate. People will *never* participate until they see benefits. The
burden is on us all as developers to make things drastically simpler and
empower every citizen with the power of information. Only when computers can
answer questions with less cyberstatic will we be able to try convincing
those who don't care to venture into the digital domain. Every day people
have questions. Merchants (Artists, Scientists, Venues, etc...) exist to
offer resources as answers. Isn't about time the Internet connect the two

The solution? Only a classification infrastructure combined with organic
metadata harvesting can solve unaddressed structural Internet weaknesses:

a) Expose more of the "hidden" web in a mutually beneficial manner.
b) Perpetual gripes about lack of level playing field for keywords
   and directory listings.
c) Information has to move much faster than the ~60 days search engines
   need to crawl the entire web.

By fitting the solution into a singular xml file (named /refind.xml:
borrowing a page of web history from robots.txt) it can co-exist with
existing websites or become the website --- yet more importantly feed
intelligent metadata into existing spider infrastructure for globally
visibility. A DTD simple enough so that people are not afraid to download a
minimal template and hand edit it themselves.

/refind.xml in conjunction with "the tree of life" (open source repository)
so that once and for all we can build a dictionary of words/phrases with
contextual distinction. Not only will searching become simpler & smarter
but we move closer towards turning the globe into a real time
self-updating map of queriable resources.

We invite all to visit http://refind.org and bash the documentation,
architectural principles and metadata initiative.

--Team Refind