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Re: Standards (yet again) was RE: Use of XML ?

On 02 Aug 2001 11:34:30 -0400, Mike.Champion@SoftwareAG-USA.com wrote:
> Is there much point in trying to carve out a definition in the middle that
> would make W3C Recommendations "standards" but would exclude UDDI?  UDDI may
> well be half-baked, but (ahem) a casual study of the xml-dev archives would
> suggest that this characterization can be applied to a number of W3C
> Recommendations!

A key factor for me is the terms under which parties can participate.
In our particular corner of the industry, I believe that the word
"standard" comes with an implied prefix of "open."  I'm not a fan of
self-proclaimed standards, and I will stick to the old fashioned (how
quickly things change) view that the phrase "W3C Recommendation" is
still just that.

I also do not believe that standard status alone imputes merit, nor that
bodies such as the W3C should be sole custodian of innovation.

My major concern in all of this is to avoid misinforming developers and
users, and to try to tell it like it is.  Beset as we are by tech "news"
sources which make their living by reprinting press releases, I feel I
might be fighting a losing battle.

-- Edd