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Re: ISO intellectual property (was Standards)

David LeBlanc wrote:

> I don't think TLA's are trademarkable either, but
> since the W3C has bigger legal guns then I have or will ever hope to have..
> <sigh>.

Sure they are.  "IBM" is a registered trademark of IBM.

> You can quote from it under the "fair usage" doctrine, but wholesale
> importation of text is infringing.

True, unless the copyright license says otherwise.

> This is like a habbit i've heard of done
> by the GPL gang: Taking an open source,

If the document is Open Source, then making derivative works, even
trivial ones, is permitted by the license.

> adding some relatively small
> additions to the work and then publishing (making avalilable) under the GPL

Also legitimate.  If the making of a derivative work is permitted by the
license, then the maker can license the new work under *any* license
that is not inconsistent with the terms of the license on the original

I can create a derivative of an MIT/BSD-licensed work and license it
under the GPL.  I cannot license a derivative of an MPL-licensed work
under the GPL, because the demands of the two licenses are incompatible.

That said, if the change is really small enough, it may not generate a
newly copyrightable work.  Generally the FSF counts changes of less
than 10 lines of a program as trivial.

> with the idea that they've defeated the original copyright holder's intent.

Only feebly.  The new version is GPL-licensed, but the original one is
still available under the original license.  The public has the same
rights as before: use the original version under the BSD license (or
whatever), or use the new "improved" version under the GPL license.

> This is clearly plagarism/theft of intellectual property.


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