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RE: SAX Filters for Namespace Processing

On 05 Aug 2001 11:46:49 -0400, Jonathan Borden wrote:
> Of course the W3C and other organizations involved with XML such as OASIS do
> have some academic ties, yet these organizations are hardly what I would
> call primarily academic, rather trade consortia. Its a bunch of companies
> who are suposedly responding to customer needs who have come up with the
> family of XML specifications. Indeed when academics have been involved, it
> seems that _generally_ less rather than more complexity is the result.

I suspect Tom may not be using the word "academic" here to mean
"university-affiliated teachers", but rather in a more general sense.

Some folks refer to it as the "too damn smart" problem, where smart
people assume that because they can make a solution work, other people
can too.

That would probably take the burden of his comments off the shoulders of
those who:
>see real respect given to clarity of speaking, teaching, writing
>and action.

Even/especially plain-text language can cause conflict...