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Re: SAX Filters for Namespace Processing

Jonathan Borden wrote:
> > The reason it wasn't there is because in order to support namespaces,
> > most XPath implementations require a context node for prefix
> > resolution.  The context node is usually an element in the document that
> > is being queried, and it's usually an element that has been sufficiently
> > drilled down to so that the prefix you use in the XPath actually matches
> > the namespace you're looking for.
> Right, this is a real issue.
> A reasonable solution is what XPointer has come up with namely:
> "xmlns(prefix=http://example.com/namespace) xpointer(//prefix:example)"
> not that it is pretty, but does the job. i'd prefer if xpointer had provided
> for an xpath(//this:is/an:xpath) syntax, but that's another story.
> Another solution would be for the API to accept a namespace context map ...

Overall, the map is the solution we've agreed upon... It would allow the
implementor to do with it as they please, whether that's to produce a
synthetic context node or to use the list as is for indexing purposes or
whatever.  We still have to reach agreement on the API itself.

Well, I'm done with the mailing list flamewars for the day.  I missed
Sabado Gigante yesterday because of it, and I'm a bit upset about that.

-- Tom