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RE: breaking up?

On Mon, 6 Aug 2001, Sean McGrath wrote:

> I have never - outside of using other W3C technologies - had a need
> for namespaces and a thin layer of skin peels away from the soles
> of my feet every time I think about them to hard.

I've never ever heard that expression before!

> I am one of those who believe a data model for XML should have
> been part of the original spec and pin much of the blame for the
> yet-another-data-model problems exhibited by DOM/XP*/XQ*/XS*
> on this.

I find myself agreeing... aiming for too much simplicity and "not worrying
unduly about very specialist cases" in the original XML spec has resulted
in far too many problems with it in many environments (embedding images
comes to mind, as does all that stuff about SVG paths and XPath being
"sublanguages"), and the proliferation of complex things built on top that
are so complex because they have to deal with the lack of rigour in the
"simple" things beneath.

> Sean


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