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RE: breaking up?

Excuse the repost, but Outlook lost its formatting:

> Once they screamed for things to be fixed, kill all the 
> lawyers, down with
> ISO, 
> up with the W3C, we be fast you be slow, and so forth, they 
> simply set the 
> whole cycle back in motion.  The strongest competitor 
> dominated the outcome.
> IE 
> won because the web designers made it happen.  The NS 
> designers lost in a 
> competition in which they set the expectations. Why did NS 
> change their name
> from Mosaic Communications and pay $2.3 million to the University of
> Illinois? 
> What did they expect from their competitors? 
> Spy Vs Spy.  Be smart, fast and execute brutally.  That is 
> how evolution
> usually 
> works sans a catastrophe.   Dinosaurs beat the mammals every 
> time until the 
> big rocks fell from the sky and a lack of food and breathable 
> air gave the 
> advantage to small, furry, egg-eaters.
 Kind of makes one long for the days of the Jacobins, no?  
 Every revolution
 has its price. 
 Practice has to drive standards, and not the other way 
 around. Right now it
 seems that stan..., er, recommendations are coming fast and 
 furious, but no
 one is listening. How could they? The cacophony is music only 
 to the elite
 few. Is it leadership or aristocracy?
 I don't doubt the good intentions of the people driving the 
 technology, but
 I wonder if they're moving too fast to stop and look at how 
 the peasants are
 laboring in the field?  
 Maybe if I had more coffee...