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RE: question regarding XPath

Sorry to say, but this is a very bad design.

If you actually have structured data please use attributes or
subelements and not mixed content.

Best regards

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> From: asi@acad.umass.edu [mailto:asi@acad.umass.edu] 
> Sent: Friday, August 10, 2001 9:51 AM
> To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
> Subject: question regarding XPath
> Hi all,
>   I don't know a lot about XPath. Can someone help me with 
> the following...
>   I want to know if there is a way in XPath to return an 
> element based on its 
> text content. For eg., consider the following,
> <Component>Star 6_0001
>   <Component>Option1
>     <Component>SubOption2
>       <Parameter>UserSpecifiedPartNumber
>         <Value>part2
>         </Value>
>       </Parameter>
>     </Component>
>   <Component>SubOption1
>       <Parameter>UserSpecifiedPartNumber
>         <Value>part4
>         </Value>
>       </Parameter>
>   </Component>
> </Component>
> </Component>
>   For the above, is there a way to return the Component which has the 
> value "SubOption2"? 
>   Also, if I have a number of "Component" elements, having 
> the same or 
> different values, then is there a way to return a specific 
> one of them?
>   Thanks
>   Akshaye
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