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RE: Anyone know whete to get the WMSL

Title: RE: Anyone know whete to get the WMSL

smlewis@lordjoe.com wrote on Sat 8/11/2001 12:08 PM EDT
> Microsoft's .NET uses Web Services Meta Language
> (WSML) to define critical components - any idea how it works

That was an intriguing question, made more intriguing in that little can be found on WSML.  The best I found was an indirect reference made by Christian Weyer of eYesoft on a sample he posted at http://www.vbxml.com/soap/articles/tk2/.  Notice the below snippet:

One of the easiest way to describe WSML is the analogy of a STK configuration file. It contains the information required to map the SOAP message described by a WSDL file to a COM interface. This includes the standard COM issues like ProgIDs. Other than WSDL, WSML will never be a standard because it only makes sense to the STK from Microsoft. If you like you can think of WSDL as the public header (interface definition) file and WSML as the internal implementation file.


I agree with Christian Weyer, since WSML is tightly bound to COM, it would be improbable to make a standard of it.  Perhaps Mr. Gates has published the WSML format, although I do not see one on MSDN.  Seeing how Microsoft works, my guess is you are supposed to use the tools provide in .NET beta to publish your interfaces.  Perhaps the specs for WSML will be published some day.