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Bullard, Claude L (Len) wrote:

> Contract law is the emerging governing force.  My guess is that as has been 
> said in the past, one has to assert all claims prior to publication.

That is a patent-law rule, and irrelevant to copyrighted material.

> This 
> means stating explicitly what other systems can do with your copyrighted 
> material.

Because if you don't, they cannot copy, distribute, modify, publicly
display, or publicly perform the work, except according to legal
provisions for fair use/fair dealing.

> The real problem is enforcement which must start at the 
> the source to ensure any subsequent party is subject to the contract.

No contract is required.

Don Park wrote:

> 1. who owns the copyright on transformed data?  At what threshold does
> butchering stops and originality starts?

Transformed data is a paradigm case of a derivative work.  Assuming
the original is subject to copyright at all (which it may not be),
the right to transform belongs to the original creator unless
delegated or sold.

> 2. is the legal protection at the consuming end or at producing end?

I'm not sure what this means.  Are you asking which *law* applies,
or who is it that has the right to sue?  If the latter, the producer.

> 3. what about transforming or modifying common parts of copyrighted material
> like HTML during transit ?  Is it illegal to inject popups at routers?



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