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Re: (char)0 handling proposal

Hi Björn,

> >a convention for representing a character of value 0 in XML?
> I suggest the hexBinary or base64Binary XML Schema Datatypes, they are
> as "standard" as possible. Since the text node contains obviously binary
> data, it's just the way to go.

Thanks for your reply!  For pure binary data, I definitely agree.. but I'm
thinking of strings like:

"Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party@@@@@@@@@"

Where the "@" are null characters - where the String is *mostly* text, it
would be nice to render the readable text as human readable...  it is also
nicer for writing, because you don't need two passes (to check for control
characters first)... but hey, efficiency? this is XML here!  ;-)

hexBinary and base64Binary don't do this, of course, being designed for pure
binary... but it seems that their "one binary spoils the bunch" approach is
the only one available...  but I'm still hoping...

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